CBD + Kinesiology Tape

Our transdermal CBD formula (derived from industrial hemp) was designed to deliver the pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD directly where it counts most, the soft muscle tissue.

We infuse our formula into our US-made Kinesiology tape to make sure the formula gets into the body’s dermis layer, without rubbing off or washing off. CannaTape also supports muscles and joints, increases blood flow and provides CBD benefits for days before, during and after workouts. 

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CannaTape Sport is Proudly Endorsed by NFL Great Donovan McNabb

Experience the incredible game-changing benefits of CannaTape Sport and take control of your well-being today, just like Donovan did.

CannaTape Sport is Endorsed by NFL Great, 13 Year Pro Quarterback and Philadelphia Eagle Donovan McNabb


I dealt with severe elbow pain and frequent lower back pain for years. CannaTape is amazing! It gives me pain relief, I can't believe just how great it actually works!
My friend at work regularly uses CannaTape. When my husband was complaining about back pain I got a few rolls. I can't believe the difference it made, it's incredible!
I've used Kinesiology tape before, but this is totally different. CannaTape makes a huge difference in my recovery after a hard day. I love it!
I feel like it helped me run further & a little faster due to my knee feeling better for a longer period of time.
CannaTape is a very cool product. It's easy to use, super stretchy and really stays on. I've used it on sore knees as a wrap when I sprained my wrists and it was felt relief.


At CannaTape Sport we are dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals.

No matter if you are going for your next PR, training for the next triathlon or simply trying to ease the aches, pains and inflammation that come with being a weekend warrior, CannaTape products will help you perform at your best and recover faster.



Navigating CrossFit Injuries and Enhancing Recovery with CannaTape Sport

CrossFit offers unparalleled benefits, it's not without its risks. Studies indicate a 20% injury rate among participants, often stemming from fatigue-induced form breakdowns during workouts. To mitigate these risks and learn how CannaTape Sport critical to returning to peak performance.

Ankle Sprains: A Guided Journey Back to Running

Ankle sprains are a frequent occurrence among runners of all levels, have the potential to disrupt the rhythm of even the most seasoned athletes. Whether you're a dedicated marathoner or someone who enjoys a leisurely jog, a sprained ankle can be both debilitating and disheartening. Explore the journey of healing and rehabilitation following a running injury with CannaTape Sport.

Benefits of Kinesiology Tape & Why It’s The Perfect Combination With Our Formula

Developing a natural alternative to fight the inflammation and the pain that often restricts all types of people from carrying on normal healthy lives or preventing high-achieving athletes reach their goals. CannaTape Sport sought to offer a safer alternative that could empower individuals to lead healthy, pain-free lives without compromising their well-being. Im many ways Kinesiology tape offers many benefits.

Unveiling the Power of White Willow Bark Extract: Nature’s Aspirin

When developing CannaTape Sport, our goal was to create something truly special. But with everything that makes up our product, everything has a pu...

Our Story

Are you curious about how we got started, the science behind the product, and our values?

CBD Kinesiology tape is manufactured in America with imported fabrics. Supporting USA workers and customers is a company goal. Learn more about CannaTape Sport and our CBD story commitment to health and wellness and pain relief