Not simply a Kinesiology tape

Because CannaTape Sport utilizes ingredients like CBD and Menthol, we recommend applying 2 hours in advance of any activity. This allows our ingredients to effectively begin working at the optimum levels as you start your activity. 

During recovery, if you have removed the tape, simply re-apply a single stripe to the targeted area for long-term recovery. If the tape is still intact, and bonded to the skin, leave it in position for full absorption of ingredients.

Best Practices

• Apply 1 to 2 hours before exercise.
• Ensure skin is clean, dry, and oil-free (remove any hair if possible).
• Tear the paper backing on the tape, and remove an appropriate portion for easy control and application.
• Anchor 2" at end of tape with no stretch. Stretch slightly adding tension to the tape when administering to the skin. Anchor remaining 2" without stretch.
• Rub tape with hand to warm the heat-activated adhesive for best adhesion.

• If you swim or shower with CannaTape allow it to dry fully and avoid removing product when wet.
• Do not apply tape under tight-fitting braces or bandages as this may cause an increased chance of skin irritation.
• If skin irritation occurs, remove the tape. 
• Remove tape after 5 days of a single-use application to allow the skin to recover.

• Store in a cool dry place between 40° to 80° out of direct sunlight.
• For single use only.
• Store out of children’s reach.

Additional Application Questions

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