To get the maximum benefits of CannaTape Sport, correct application technique and timing is key. Absorption of our transdermal ingredients into soft tissue and the bloodstream before and after workouts increases effectiveness of these specially formulated ingredients.

CBD by nature is a long-acting inflammation fighter, elevating CBD levels over time is key. Just like taking Vitamin C can help during flu season, it’s not effective to take it after you have already caught a cold.

For best results, apply CannaTape Sport at least 2 hours before a workout, and (if needed) apply a single strip of CannaTape post-workout.



 CannaTape Sport Tape Removal
To start, begin by gently lifting one corner of the tape.
CannaTape Sport Removal Instructions
Peal in the direction hair naturally grows – do not peal against the hair growth.
CannaTape Sport Tape Removal
Begin slowly lifting tape from skin. Apply slight pressure to the skin directly in front of the tape reducing skin lift.
CannaTape Sport Tape Removal Instructions
Continue applying pressure to exposed skin as you lift tape slowly until fully removed.
CannaTape Sport Removal of tape tips If any glue is left behind after removal of the cloth, do not pick and pull the glue. Always roll the glue and then lift rolled glue off skin. 



CannaTape Sport Tape Removal

Option A – Rub tape with warm soap and water. 

Option B – Rub tape with baby oil or olive oil.

CannaTape Sport Tape Removal

Allow the tape to become fully saturated and wait five minutes before starting to remove tape.

CannaTape Sport Tape Removal

Follow previous steps for removing the tape.


  • Do not apply tape under tight-fitting braces or bandages as this may cause an increased chance of skin irritation.
  • If you swim or shower with CannaTape allow it to dry fully and avoid removing product when wet
  • Remove tape after 5 days of a single-use application to allow the skin to recover.