To get the maximum benefits of CannaTape Sport, correct application technique and timing is key. Absorption of our transdermal ingredients into soft tissue and the bloodstream before and after workouts increases effectiveness of these specially formulated ingredients.

CBD by nature is a long-acting inflammation fighter, elevating CBD levels over time is key. Just like taking Vitamin C can help during flu season, it’s not effective to take it after you have already caught a cold.

For best results, apply CannaTape Sport at least 2 hours before a workout, and (if needed) apply a single strip of CannaTape post-workout.



CannaTape Sport ProTip


Pre-workouts – Because CannaTape Sport utilizes ingredients like CBD and menthol, we recommend applying 2 hours in advance of an activity. Allowing our ingredients to begin working at optimum levels before your activity.

Post-workout – During recovery, if you have removed the tape, simply re-apply a single strip targeting area for longer-term recovery. If the tape is still intact and bonded to the skin, leave the tape in the previously applied position for continued absorption of ingredients.


CannaTape Sport ProTip
To prepare the area of application trim or shave any excess hair from the skin.
CannaTape Sport ProTip
Prepare the area by wiping with an alcohol pad or alcohol moistened cotton ball to remove any oils or lotions on the skin’s surface. Be sure to allow the skin to completely dry before applying the tape.
CannaTape Sport ProTip
If your chosen application requires cutting the tape for size or fit, trim the corners to avoid the edges from lifting and catching on clothing.
CannaTape Sport ProTip
Start by folding and then tearing the backing paper to remove the backing paper from the center of the strip. Avoid touching the exposed adhesive. By only touching the paper backing ensures the adhesive remains tacky and uncompromised.
CannaTape Sport ProTip
Avoid stretching the last 2 inches of the tape’s ends. This ensures the bond with the skin, creating a solid anchor point that if stretched can cause the tape to loosen or pull slightly on the skin.
Pro-Tip: Thumb and Index Finger

To create a well-bonded stretch, use your thumb and/or index finger to apply pressure evenly across the width of each applied strip of tape.

CannaTape Sport ProTip
For the most effective tape tension, stretch to the desired application area and then release 20% before application. Refer to our instructional tape applications for best practices.
CannaTape Sport ProTip
Our adhesive is heat-activated. For an even and solid adhesion, rub tape vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds with fingers or the palm. In some cases applying targeted air using a warm (not hot) setting from a hairdryer can prove effective for creating additional warmth.


  • Do not apply tape under tight-fitting braces or bandages as this may cause an increased chance of skin irritation.
  • If you swim or shower with CannaTape allow it to dry fully and avoid removing product when wet. 
  • Remove tape after 5 days of a single-use application to allow the skin to recover.