CannaTape Sport was founded with one goal, to help athletes compete at their best.

Our company has brought together a team of analytical and creative minds. This combination means that whatever we can imagine – we have the resources and expertise to create.

Passionate about Research

It is our core belief, all questions need to be explored. We believe in the importance of investing time and patience to explore and nurture those ideas. Nothing happens overnight. Every person on our team contributes to the success of our products through experience, research, hard work, and a passion to get the details right. We can’t understate the value of asking questions and listening to experts and each other. It is the key to our successes. We are always learning and always growing.

CannaTape Sport: CBD Kinesiology tape is one of the best natural remedies for pain relief, sore muscles, and after-workout inflammation. Including menthol, willows bark, and vitamin E to relieve pain fast perfect for sore knee pain, back pain, neck pain,

Creating ideal solutions

We know training disruptions due to pain or injury can be frustrating. Current household remedies – ice, elevation, compression, rest – oftentimes involve a long recovery period. Alternatively, reliance on certain over-the-counter medications (i.e. NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen) prescribed products (i.e. corticosteroids such as cortisone) while effective... can lead to well-documented and unwanted side effects.

We knew there had to be a better alternative. Our founder Sean Malloy had already had a hand in developing and launching a successful CBD-based skincare line. So, he along with our product development expert spent months - literally - spanning the globe researching, seeking expert opinions and experimenting with various ingredients and delivery systems to partner with the proven inflammation-fighting benefits of CBD.

True to our goal, we have created an all-natural, CBD-based product and combined it with Kinesiology tape - already widely used in the therapy and athletic communities. We knew we landed on something special. The tape helps increase blood flow and aids in the targeting and absorption of our formula while providing added stability. But we know simply CBD or Hemp oil is not enough to be effective - at least not to meet our high standards. We include ingredients to make our product a transdermal treatment (not just topical). Additional ingredients for healthy skin and a soothing cooling sensation from menthol and pure peppermint oil work to help relieve minor aches and pains.