Understanding CBD and the terminology.

All of our ingredients are carefully chosen to bring their unique specialized benefits to our formula, and together, they’re proven safe. This is an essential qualification - that our formula is simple and true.

It’s important to understand that CannaTape Sport’s CBD is derived from hemp and is THC-free (99.7 percent pure), making it non-psychoactive, and safe for all ages.

Below is a diagram we created to help clarify why CBD specifically derived from hemp can be trusted to be safe for use.

Safe and Effective.

CannaTape Sport ONLY uses CBD that is industrial grown hemp-delivered and is 99.7 percent THC free.

CBD education is one of the things we do best. Using CBD in our products aids in healing and recovery from inflammation and soreness. Understanding the benefits of CBD products is key to a healthier lifestyle and controlling pain

CBD Derived From Hemp.

CBD is not like THC and does not introduce psychoactive effects. Our CBD is derived from industrial hemp, 100 percent safe and legal, generally and for use by athletes at all levels of competition. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has permitted CBD derived from Hemp and removed it explicitly from its banned substances list in 2018. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (ADA) has also followed suit as long as the CBD is THC-free, such as the hemp-derived CBD used in CannaTape Sport.

THC-free products are legal in all 50 states and are non-psychoactive. At CannaTape Sport, our THC Free badge is a result of sourcing CBD derived from American grown hemp. We are proud to provide this reassurance and education to our customers for products in a range of categories–starting with our Kinesiology tape.

Topical CBD vs Transdermal CBD.

Compounds have been applied to the skin for thousands of years to enhance beauty and treat local conditions. However, most topically applied compounds and/or drugs are poorly absorbed, if at all. This is due to the size and polarity of the drug molecule and the barrier effect of the skin. Many compounds are meant to remain on the skin surface (topical) such as sunscreens, insect repellents, and antiseptics while others penetrate the skin layers (transdermal) to target sites within the skin or just below it.

Many CBD products on the market are simply topical treatments, and less effective for any treatment beyond simple skin issues. It is critical when creating products that are meant to treat deeper issues to be transdermal in formulation. Our formula that is intended to exert clinical effects at distant or deeper tissue sites requires a purpose-designed transdermal vehicle. Including multiple chemical penetration enhancers increases transdermal penetration to achieve the desired outcome. 

However, the users are not always educated or aware that all patches or topical gels are transdermal. Most creams, gels, ointments and patches are merely topical formulations with limited, if any, drug penetration to the tissues and circulation below the skin. Understanding the differences between transdermal medications and topical preparations will allow for the proper selection of the best option for the user.