Champions get up when others can’t.

Competition is addicting. The majority of us play or have played a team sport at one point or another. From basketball to soccer, hockey to lacrosse or softball and baseball – you and your teammates want to perform at your best. But you also don’t want to let your teammates down by missing time due to injury or excess. 

Long and short term impact on the body is as wide-ranging as the sports themselves and injuries vary from training to in-game. Nagging injuries can be frustrating to you and especially when teammates are depending on you. So it’s important to prevent and treat your body right so you can always put forth your personal best.

Our goal at CannaTape Sport is to get athletes of all skill levels back out there moving comfortably and with the confidence to succeed.

CannaTape Sport for Field sports and Court athletes with powerful CBD and Kinesiology tape. Sore muscles, sprains and strains need effective anti-inflammation fighters. Pain management and Pain relief are important for maximum performance