Overcome every challenge.

Swim - bike - run: Triathletes are looking for the ultimate athletic challenge. With 35 million participants worldwide, triathlons are as much about personal goals and overcoming challenges as it is about the competition. It takes one day to complete an event, but months of dedication, challenging yourself in preparation for the event. The courses have enough challenges from open seas to steep mountain passes, so reducing the effects of exercise-induced inflammation and minor aches and pains simply can’t be an obstacle.

When prepping for a swim meet or triathlon, missing days is unacceptable. All athletes experience physical setbacks training due to common aches and pains from exercise-induced inflammation – or even more serious soft tissue issues like sprains, and joint pain from injury. So staying on track, and reaching milestones is a priority. 

Our goal at CannaTape Sport is to get swimmers and triathletes of all skill levels back out there moving comfortably and with the confidence to succeed.

CBD and Kinesiology tape for swimmers and triathletes made by CannaTape Sport, A natural water resistant inflammation fighter and pain relief solution leveraging CBD and Menthol is the best way to help ease pain and relieve soreness safely