It’s not a workout, it’s a lifestyle

CrossFit uses every square inch of your body and focuses your mind on achieving a goal. The CrossFit community knows this better than anyone. Being with fellow athletes, and supporting each other is the foundation of the sport. So, when everyday wear and tear on your body takes you away from your group, you want nothing more than to be back to your regular fitness routine. 

Whether you’re competing in elite events or simply staying fit and strong – not showing up isn’t something you can accept. CannaTape Sport can help relieve exercise-induced inflammation and provide support from head to toe.

Our goal at CannaTape Sport is to get athletes of all skill levels back out there moving comfortably and with the confidence to succeed.

CannaTape Sport is the best natural remedy for serious CrossFit athletes looking to improve performance and pain relief with CBD. Fighting pre-workout and post-workout inflammation of knees back, neck elbow, and ankle pain is key to making serious gains.