Because every swing counts.

Like so many sports, repetition and consistency of motion are keys to success. Golfers and tennis players spend hours at the driving range or practicing on the court to perfect the optimum swing hitting balls from a machine. Perfecting a repeatable motion can be as beneficial as it is taxing on the body, especially for joints. 

Compounding those hours of practice, along with the endless pounding your body and joints endure from quick starts and stops – inflammation and soreness is inevitable, and leads to athletes taking time off to recover or worse giving up a sport that gives them so much joy. CannaTape Sport can help those sore elbows, backs and joints, targeting the inevitable flare-ups, and provide relief from head to toe.

Our goal at CannaTape Sport is to get athletes of all skill levels back out there moving comfortably and with the confidence to succeed.

CannaTape Sport is perfect for Tennis and Golf. Tennis elbow inflammation relief is naturally aided by the cooling menthol and anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD work fast. Sore muscles, knees, backs and necks are no match for the best kinesiology tape