It’s not a race, it’s a journey.

Few fitness segments have seen as much popularity growth as cycling and spinning in the last few years. Bike shops can barely keep up with demand and indoor cycling has exploded. Challenging yourself with short morning or evening rides or pushing your endurance to conquer a century ride (100 miles) or even longer, takes hours on the bike – logging mile after mile. 

Those challenges can be daunting enough on their own. You don’t need the aches and pains of inflammation getting in your way. CannaTape Sport can help alleviate and prevent those aches and pains, targeting the inevitable flare-ups, and get you back on the saddle.

Our goal at CannaTape Sport is to get cyclists and athletes of all skill levels back out there moving comfortably and with the confidence to succeed.

The best natural inflammation-fighting tools for cyclists and triathletes with powerful CBD, Menthol, and Vitamine E for healthy skin. Fighting inflammation safely and pain reduction is key to athletes. No more sore muscles, knees, legs and wrists