Esports: How Gamers Can Deal With Specific Pain and Discomfort

Esports has turned competitive online gaming into a highly entertaining, and lucrative spectator sport for the professional – as well as expand the casual gamer’s experience globally. 

For professional gamers, esport transforms the experience of watching a professional sporting event, with all the excitement and energy – into highly competitive spectator entertainment. So much so that organized events often sell out major professional sports arenas worldwide for multiple days of streamed competitions.

The esport industry has been around for a while. Starting in the 1990s, it has recently surged in popularity. Advances in technology have opened the doors for more games, and increasingly realistic play and advancing hardware and internet technology have solved connectivity issues, allowing gamers and spectators to immerse themselves without lag or interruption. Another option for gamers is large communal gaming facilities that hold sponsored events and offer party facilities. As a result, esports has become a bigger part of gamer’ lives.

eSport and College CannaTape Sport

As of 2022, 240 colleges and universities were members of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) offering officially recognized varsity esports programs. Colleges have established varsity gaming teams, over the past years; some even offering esport scholarships as they would for traditional sports.

Additionally, it is known that 90% of US children play electronic video games on a regular basis. So it is quite easy to see just how popular gaming has become.

Health Concerns of Gamers

As with any sport, there are specific health issues that arise for esport athletes. Because gamers typically dedicate hours and hours practicing and competing, while seated and engaged in repetitive movement, it can take a toll.

A recent study by BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine concentrating on impact on the health of esports players discovered that gamers are more likely to incur musculoskeletal injury to in their neck, back, and upper extremities. Also, metabolic disturbances may come about due to excessive time spent in front of a computer monitor. Most of these problems come about due to poor posture and sedentary conditions commonplace among esports players.


Gamer and eSports injuries and pain CannaTape Sport can help
Hand and Finger Application
Wrist or Carpal Tunnel Application
Back Application
Sacroiliac (SI) Joint
Neck and Shoulder Application
Neck Application

Why We Made CannaTape Sport CBD + Kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape has proven effective when applied to affected areas of discomfort or that require extra support; tape supports muscles during activity while helping reduce swelling. It can be used to prevent or ease common muscle and joint-related injuries including sprains, muscle strains, subluxations, and tendonitis. Kinesiology tape provides support and pain relief before, during, and after an activity.

The health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) are no secret. Over the past decade, the news cycle has regularly reported overwhelmingly positive reports and studies about CBD. In addition to all the positive news, professional athletes are increasingly going public about the use of CBD to aid in recovery and training. The use of CBD in various forms can help the body deal with the pain and inflammation caused by both soft tissue discomfort and injury. CBD relieves pain and reduces inflammation, making it an obvious choice for athletes to compete with confidence.

eSports and Gaming with CannaTape Sport 

At CannaTape Sport, we combined the incredible benefits of CBD and other beneficial ingredients with the strong delivery system of Kinesiology tape. We researched hundreds of potential natural ingredients, looking for just the right benefits to team with CBD. Of critical importance we ensured our CBD would be delivered transdermally. It is important to understand – that CBD isn’t transdermal on its own. Teaming CBD with MSM increases cell permeation and including DMSO in our formula increases the ingredients' capability to be absorbed into the lower layers of the skin and muscle tissue. We also use white willow bark extract which promotes pain relief and accelerates recovery. For immediate relief, we added menthol and peppermint essential oil for cooling and to soothe aches and pains. 

CannaTape Sport actively delivers its remarkable proprietary transdermal formula through an equally remarkable Kinesiology tape. Our product that increases muscle and soft tissue stability, speeds blood flow, reduces pain by mimicking skin and opening up blood vessels, and decompresses pain receptors. Key to CannaTape Sport Kinesiology tape’s ensured continuous active application of our formula right where it’s needed, targeting pain and inflammation.

We know we have landed on something special, something that can help athletes fight pain, speed recovery, and allow both the serious esport athletes and casual gamers to perform long-term at their best.

If you are looking for a way to deal with the pain you may be suffering, CannaTape Sport is a revolutionary alternative to home treatments and over-the-counter or physician-prescribed medications.

If you found this newsletter helpful, or think a friend or family member might be suffering from pain, feel free to pass this along to them. We think it's worth spreading the news! 


Photos by Totte Annerbrink  Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash


Written by Sean Malloy

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