Understanding Pain for Athletes and How to Deal With It

No pain, no gain. Not necessarily great advice. Athletes are no strangers to pain, and some even crave post-workout aches and soreness. To be fair, some “pain” is ok, but some pain can be harmful, debilitating, and prevent athletes from achieving healthy goals.

Sometimes a bad case of muscle soreness or an injury can be too much, even for the toughest of athletes… and that is where CannaTape Sport comes in – to prevent and relieve pain.

Common Muscle Soreness

The most common type of pain athletes experience is common muscle soreness. If you train or work out regularly, you have experienced this. We’ve all been there… you feel great, you're killing it, but rest assured you’ll pay for it the next day. What your body is experiencing is microscopic damage to the muscles throughout the area you focused on during that workout. The good news… your body then kicks in to repair this damage over the next few days, and muscles grow bigger and stronger in the process.

Pain caused by injury is, of course, more problematic. Everyone tries to avoid injuries, but they are still common. According to the US Center for Disease Control, high school athletes alone account for roughly 2 million sports injuries every year.

Because so many of us have worked through these types of pain, CannaTape Sport set out to invent a natural and safe solution – by leveraging the benefits of CBD, Kinesiology tape, white willow bark extract, MSM, DMSO, menthol, and peppermint essential oil

CannaTape Sport and Pain for Athletes CBD and Kinesiology Tape the best

Exercise-induced inflammation and DOMS

Muscle pain and soreness are commonly caused by the microscopic muscle tears and damage. Strenuous exercise, or pushing your body, force your muscles to work harder than normal. When this happens, the damaged cells release inflammatory compounds known as cytokines. The persistence of these cytokines kicks in the body's natural process to heal itself and activates the immune system, which triggers the repair process. And that is why you feel sore for days following a workout.

In these cases, CanaTape Sport can help in two very highly effective ways. Apply our CBD + Kinesiology tape at least 2 hours prior to activity to introduce inflammation-fighting ingredients such as our pure CBD, white willow bark extract, MSM, and DMSO, which will prepare your muscles for the stress they are about to endure. This is key preparation for what is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). While DOMS is uncomfortable, it is actually a sign that you’ve caused the right kind of damage to your muscles. CannaTape has been proven to compress that time and prepare your body in advance – allowing athletes to recover faster and train harder.

Pain From Injuries

Most experienced athletes are capable of distinguishing injury and DOMS. DOMS is uncomfortable but mild and manageable. Also, DOMS shouldn’t inhibit athletes from working out.

Pain from injury is more serious. Pain tends to be sharp, and immediate, and you know the difference. It's likely to sideline an athlete and inhibit continued regular training. Injuries vary in degree and are different from one athlete to the next. However injuries commonly include –

  • Sprains: caused by an overextension of joint and possible tear of ligaments. Sprains affect the joint and can cause inflammation resulting in swelling or bruising. 
  • Strains: caused by overstretching or tearing of either muscle or tendons that are connected to bone. 
  • Dislocations: caused by a joint being forced out of its normal position, resulting in swelling, damage to soft tissue, and bruising. 

More serious injuries include contusions, broken bones, and concussions.
The symptoms of injury is certainly familiar to most active people. They manifest as sharp, acute pain, swelling and bruising, restricted mobility, muscle spasms or twitching, and worst of all - a popping sound or feeling at the time of the injury.

CBD and Pain for Athletes CannaTape Sport Kinesiology Tape

Treating pain passively with self-applied or home treatments such as ice, elevation, compression, foam rolling/massage, and rest takes time, and sidelines athletes for extended periods of time. Over-the-counter treatments, painkillers like NSAIDs (ibuprofen), or physician-prescribed medications like corticosteroids – all have side effects. Even regular ibuprofen tablets can be harmful when over-used. Short-term issues are urgent and sometimes embarrassing bathroom breaks (think of why marathon routes have so many Port-A-Potties along the route). In fact, chronic NSAID use can be linked to stomach ulcers, kidney disease, and liver damage. Some have associated rashes, headaches, and high blood pressure as negative side effects as well.  Prescription painkillers also have their limitations. While providing pain relief, prescription painkillers like steroids and opioids can cause negative side effects including weight gain, nausea, dizziness, inching, and excess sweating even when used properly. Moreover, some prescription medications can cause tolerance issues and addiction. To learn more, read this article from Runners World.

Why we made CannaTape Sport CBD + Kinesiology tape

The health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) are no secret. Over the past decade, the news cycle has regularly reported overwhelmingly positive reports and studies about CBD. In addition to all the positive news, professional athletes are increasingly going public about use of CBD to aid in recovery and training. The use of CBD in various forms can help the body deal with the pain and inflammation caused by both muscle soreness and injury. CBD’s ability to offer pain relief and reduce inflammation makes it an obvious choice for athletes to compete with confidence.

But we did not limit our fourmulation to CBD. We researched hundreds of potential natural ingredients, looking for just the right benefits to team with CBD. Most importantly we wanted our CBD to be delivered transdermally. It is important to understand – that CBD isn’t transdermal on its own. Teaming CBD with MSM increases cell permeation and including DMSO in our formula increases the ingredients' capability to be absorbed into the lower layers of the skin and muscle tissue. We also use white willow bark extract because it aids in pain relief and speeds up recovery. For immediate relief, we added menthol and peppermint essential oil for cooling and to soothe aches and pains. 

Pain and athletes CannaTape Sport CBD and Kinesiology Tape

CannaTape Sport actively delivers its remarkable proprietary transdermal formula through an equally remarkable Kinesiology tape, that increases muscle and soft tissue stability, increases blood flow, reduces pain by mimicking skin and opening up blood vessels, and decompressing pain receptors. And CannaTape Sport Kinesiology tape ensures the long-lasting active application of our formula right where need it, targeting pain and inflammation.

We really think we have landed on something special, something that can help athletes fight pain, speed recovery, and allow both serious and weekend athletes to perform long-term at their best.

If you are looking for a way to deal with the pain you may be suffering, CannaTape Sport is a revolutionary alternative to home treatments, over-the-counter or physician-prescribed medications.

If you found this newsletter helpful, and think a friend or family member might be suffering from pain, feel free to pass this along to them. We think it's worth spreading the news! 

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Written by Sean Malloy

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