CannaTape Sport Is Proud To Announce An Amazing Endorsement

CannaTape Sport is proud to announce an exciting endorsement from NFL legend Donovan McNabb. As former NFL Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro quarterback, McNabb embodies the meaning of excellence and tenacity. We are proud to join forces with an icon who shattered records, broke barriers, and captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. This collaboration infuses our brand with the same passion and drive that fueled McNabb’s journey to greatness.

Donovan McNabb Endorses and CannaTape Sport CBD and Kinesiology tape


After spending 13 years in the NFL, Donovan knows firsthand the toll that physical exertion can take on the body. That's why he’s excited about our revolutionary product, something he describes as a product that helps him train harder, perform better and recover faster: CannaTape Sport.

Combining the well-known benefits of kinesiology tape with the therapeutic effects of CBD and the other natural, beneficial ingredients in CannaTape’s formula, our product offers a comprehensive solution for high-level athletes and everyday individuals looking to optimize their performance and recovery.

Take it from a pro, “CannaTape Sport is not your average kinesiology tape. It goes above and beyond by incorporating the benefits of CBD to deliver exceptional results. This unique tape is infused with transdermal CBD, a naturally occurring compound known for its anti-inflammatory properties and separates CannaTape Sport from other less-effective solutions.”

“As someone who has experienced the demands and challenges of professional sports, I highly recommend CannaTape Sport to anyone looking to enhance their performance and take control of their recovery. Investing in your health is a decision that pays dividends in the long run, and CannaTape Sport is a product that can help you achieve your goals.”

Don't let soreness, inflammation, or injuries slow you down. Try CannaTape Sport and experience the difference for yourself. Get back in the game faster, perform at your best, and prioritize your well-being with CannaTape’s game-changing CBD-infused kinesiology tape.

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Written by Sean Malloy

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