The Synergistic Power of MSM and DMSO in CannaTape Sport: Enhancing CBD Kinesiology Tape's Transdermal Effectiveness

CannaTape Sport has revolutionized the world of athletic recovery and pain management with its innovative CBD Kinesiology tape. By combining the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol (CBD derived from industrially grown hemp) with kinesiology tape, CannaTape Sport has created a groundbreaking solution for athletes and individuals seeking natural pain relief and better performance. To further enhance the effectiveness of their product, CannaTape Sport has included MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) in their CBD-infused tape formula. These two ingredients play a crucial role in improving transdermal absorption, relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and speeding up the healing process. Let's go deeper into why CannaTape Sport incorporated MSM and DMSO, making their product truly transdermal.

MSM: Enhancing Nutrient Absorption and Alleviating Pain

MSM is a naturally occurring nutritional sulfur compound that boasts a range of health benefits and has been used in natural medicine for several decades. Its use gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s as a dietary supplement and topical treatment for various health conditions. However, the compound itself has been known to researchers since the 1950s.

Initially, MSM was studied for its potential applications in industrial and agricultural settings. It wasn't until the 1970s that Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, a renowned physician, and researcher, began investigating MSM's therapeutic properties for human health. Dr. Jacob and his team conducted extensive research on MSM, focusing on its benefits for joint health, pain relief, and inflammation reduction.

We immediately understood the power of including MSM in CannaTape Sport, because it acts as a permeability enhancer, allowing for better absorption of nutrients through cell membranes. This enhanced permeability ensures that the beneficial components of CBD and white willow bark extract can more effectively enter the body's cells, optimizing their bioavailability and overall effectiveness.

Moreover, MSM's pain-relieving properties make it an excellent addition to CannaTape Sport. By blocking the C fibers responsible for transmitting chronic pain messages to the brain, MSM helps alleviate discomfort and promote a greater sense of well-being. Additionally, MSM possesses anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to reducing swelling, further supporting the body's natural healing processes.

MSM & DMSO in CannaTape Sport for transdermal CBD effectiveness

DMSO: Maximizing Absorption and Promoting Healing

DMSO, a versatile compound derived from wood pulp, has long been recognized for its transdermal absorption properties. When applied topically, DMSO penetrates the skin and readily enters the bloodstream, facilitating the absorption of other ingredients present in CannaTape Sport.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) was first synthesized DMSO in 1866 by the Russian scientist Alexander Zaytsev, and also has a significant history of use in natural medicine and therapeutic applications. Its medicinal properties were discovered in the mid-20th century, again through the work of Dr. Stanley W. Jacob, along with Dr. Robert Herschler doing extensive research into its health benefits and applications.

In the 1960s, DMSO gained attention as a potential treatment for a variety of health conditions due to its unique properties. Dr. Jacob conducted extensive research on DMSO and found it to possess excellent transdermal absorption capabilities, making it an effective carrier for other substances.

DMSO's ability to penetrate the skin easily and transport other molecules through it drew interest from researchers and medical professionals. It was explored for its potential applications in treating pain, reducing inflammation, promoting wound healing, and enhancing the delivery of medications to specific areas of the body.

The ability of DMSO to affect proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and water in the body contributes to its unique healing properties and was again recognized by CannaTape Sport as a powerful addition to our formula. When combined with CBD in the kinesiology tape, DMSO amplifies the therapeutic effects of the tape by aiding in muscle and skeletal injury recovery.

Transdermal CBD for Pain Relief with MSM & DMSO

A Synergy of MSM and DMSO in Transdermal Delivery

The inclusion of both MSM and DMSO in CannaTape Sport creates a powerful synergy that enhances the transdermal delivery of CBD and other beneficial ingredients. MSM, by increasing the permeability of cell membranes, enables the efficient passage of nutrients and CBD into the body's cells. DMSO, with its exceptional transdermal absorption capabilities, further enhances this process by improving the tape's ability to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream.

 The combined effect of MSM and DMSO in CannaTape Sport leads to improved bioavailability, faster onset of action, and increased efficacy of CBD and other essential ingredients present in the tape. This makes it a truly transdermal product, delivering its benefits more effectively to the user.


CannaTape Sport's integration of MSM and DMSO into its CBD Kinesiology tape demonstrates a commitment to maximizing the product's effectiveness and ensuring optimal results for users. By harnessing the permeability-enhancing properties of MSM and the transdermal absorption capabilities of DMSO, CannaTape Sport has created a truly innovative solution for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and accelerated healing. Athletes and individuals seeking natural and efficient methods for recovery can now benefit from the powerful combination of CBD, MSM, and DMSO in CannaTape Sport's groundbreaking product.


Photos by Logan Moreno Gutierrez, Scott Webb, Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash
Written by Sean Malloy

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