CannaTape Sport Transdermal Kinesiology Tape and CBD is better for dealing with Topical CBD for aches and pains

To understand the difference between transdermal and topical products is to really to understand what makes CannaTape Sport a game-changer. What we understand and many others ignore is how to efficiently target inflammation, and deal with pain and soreness. CannaTape being a transdermal product is key to its effectiveness. 

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to topical vs. transdermal products. People often think they are the same or don’t realize there is a big difference. Make no mistake transdermal “depth” is critical to a product’s effectiveness.

Feeling aches and pains? Understanding the difference effectiveness of Transdermal CBD vs Topical products is key to pain relief

Everyone is aware of topical skincare products, from body lotion to lip balms to sunscreen. Simply put, anything you apply to the skin is “topical.” But is it the best way to deliver CBD to combat inflammation and for it to be most effective? The short answer is a resounding NO.

Why is transdermal so important to CannaTape Sport?

The skin is made up of 3 main layers, epidermis, dermis, and below these layers subcutaneous tissue. The outermost layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum providing the main barrier for skin permeation. 

A topical treatment is only meant to treat the epidermis. In other words, think of any topical product only treating the surface of the skin. We all know, beautiful glowing skin is lovely and has its place in health regime. But exercise-induced inflammation or soreness in 90% of all athletic injuries is soft tissue-related, and treatments must go deeper. The need to target beyond the epidermis and down to the dermis and subcutaneous layer is critical. Delivering targeted CannaTape’s ingredients, down to the lower tissue, CBD results in its anti-inflammation benefits. This sets CannaTape Sport apart from products that advertise relief from pain and inflammation which are just creams.

General information:

In order for any product to be transdermal, it needs a little help. You can’t just apply a product to the skin and expect it to perform miracles. Transdermal products like ours, leverage skin penetration enhancers to push the CBD compounds past the epidermis (first layer of the skin) down into the dermis (the second layer of skin) where blood vessels, lymph vessels, and pain receptors lie.

CannaTape Sport diagram of the skin layers without our transdermal CBD product relieving aches and pains

Four important anti-inflammation components of our formula are CBD isolate, white willow bark extractMSM, and DMSO. To be most effective each needs to reach the bloodstream to achieve full therapeutic effects. In particular, cannabinoids by nature are most effective and reach therapeutic levels when entering the bloodstream. Topicals, as mentioned above, can work for site-specific symptoms. But is it’s fair to say topicals do not help with muscle aches, pains, soreness, and other symptoms deeper in the body.

CannaTape Sport transdermal CBD and Kinesiology Tape with menthol to lift skin and works to deliver aches and pain relief for shoulder, knee, neck and back pain

Higher percentages of CBD absorb more effectively into the bloodstream using transdermal formulations. Penetration enhancers like MSM and DMSO, both in CannaTape Sport, are powerful enhancers we use to increase bioavailability. 

CBD reaching the bloodstream is critical to a therapeutic effectiveness

Topical formulations don’t penetrate beyond the skin, it’s just a fact and that is why CannaTape Sport is transdermal. Most CBD products on the market today do not penetrate down to deeper tissue and never reach the bloodstream. To be effective, CBD needs to enter the bloodstream and the soft tissue to achieve meaningful levels so the CBD delivers on its promise. Otherwise, it is wasted.

What makes a transdermal formula like ours?

Transdermal formulations have been around for more than 20 years. Primarily found in patches, gels, or lotions. Transdermal formulations have one key ingredient, CPEs (chemical penetration enhancers). We achieve this transdermal activity by including the natural powerful cell permeation ingredient MSM, and DMSO to increase absorption on a cellular level. These are active ingredients that diffuse and partition the skin and reversibly interact with the stratum corneum components (skin cellular arrangement). This is key to increasing the bioavailability of formulas looking to increase the good that CBD can provide. Some studies have shown an increase of up to 40% greater bioavailability as a result of CPEs.

Medications intended to provide clinical effectiveness at deeper subcutaneous tissue require a transdermal vehicle. These products (gels, patches, and lotions) often include CPEs to increase the penetration and achieve desired effects. Buyers need to be aware, most CBD and cannabis creams, gels ointments, patches, and Kinesiology tapes are merely topical formulations with limited ingredient penetration into the tissue and circulatory system below the epidermis. CannaTape Sport a true transdermal product, making it as effective as possible and far superior to other tapes on the market.

If your CBD isn't transdermal, you have to ask yourself, how effective is my CBD Kinesiology tape? CannaTape Sport is Transdermal CBD and relieves aches and pains.

If you want more out of your anti-inflammation products, something that goes deeper – to where inflammation resides, don’t waste your money on a topical product.

If you found this article helpful, and think a friend or family member might be interested in Transdermal products, CBD, or is suffering pain, feel free to pass this along to them. We think it's worth spreading the news!

Written by Sean Malloy

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