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Shoulder pain is a common issue that can range from mild discomfort to severe pain. Many factors can contribute to shoulder pain, such as sudden injury, joint misalignment, degeneration, or overuse. The key to relieving shoulder pain is to identify the underlying cause and address any inflammation.

Inflammation is often a significant factor in shoulder pain. Whether the joint is overused or weakened, inflammation and swelling are common. Providing additional support to the joint can help prevent further damage and re-injury while reducing inflammation.

When shoulder pain occurs – the goal is to reduce inflammation and provide additional joint support. CannaTape Sport Kinesiology tape can help. Our formula's CBD (from industrial hemp) targets exercise-induced inflammation in the soft muscle tissue where most athletic injuries occur. By using our CBD + Kinesiology tape, the application for shoulders will reduce inflammation, and increase blood flow and stability. For instant relief, the cooling sensation of menthol and pure peppermint oil helps immediately deduce and relieve minor aches and pains.


CannaTape Sport CBD and Kinesiology Tape


The shoulder is one of the most important joints in the body, central to most upper-body mobility. It plays a crucial role in most movements, from head and neck mobility, to arm and hand dexterity.

The most common shoulder injuries are structural; dislocation, rotator cuff tendonitis/rotator cuff tears and labral and SLAP tears. These injuries are structural and can vary in degree of severity. The majority of minor cases of shoulder pain can be treated at home with rest and ice but more serious injuries can require surgical repair.

Shoulder pain isn’t unique to elite athletes, and many people deal with shoulder issues and pain at some point throughout their lifetimes. Some tips to avoid shoulder injuries and pain are…

Maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle – because the shoulder is a centralized joint, the overstress caused by carrying excess weight can compress or break down the fluids and soft tissues that cushion the joint.

Strengthen and stretch the deltoids, trapezius, and deltoids – the shoulder is a complex joint, that relies on the strength of surrounding muscles to offer support. So, it is important to maintain the condition and flexibility of the neck, shoulders, and arms. 

Add low-impact aerobic exercise to strengthen muscles without putting stress on the shoulder. Repeated external impacts to the joint such as in contact sports or exercises like weight lifting, and court sports are hard on shoulder joints. Mixing up these exercises or even replacing them with low-impact exercises like swimming or cycling can be a good option.

CannaTape Sport and Shoulder Pain

Where does CannaTape Sport come into the picture? 

Life disruptions due to pain or injury can be frustrating. Current household remedies such as ice, elevation, compression, and rest often involve a long recovery period. Alternatively, reliance on over-the-counter medications (e.g. NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen) or prescribed products (e.g. corticosteroids such as cortisone) while effective... can lead to well-documented adverse side effects.

 But our CBD + Kinesiology tape provides an all-natural product that combined with our transdermal formula (patent pending) helps deliver pain relief right to where you need it most. The cooling sensation of menthol and the refreshing scent of peppermint oil help relieve aches and pains. We are able to target our product with the Kinesiology tape which is proven to increase blood flow and provide added stability. Lastly, prevention is really your best option. So, regularly applying CannaTape Sport before and after exercise is an excellent course of action if you occasionally suffer from, or are trying to prevent shoulder pain. 

CannaTape Sport is ideal when correctly applied, for shoulder pain. Our products provide relief and help the body find a path to recovery.

Check out our expanded CannaTape Sport application instructions and don’t forget: always consult with your doctor or health care provider when you are experiencing pain and before beginning any remedy.

How to apply:

The shoulder recommended application takes three (3) pieces of tape. The idea is to add support to the natural motions of the joint. Avoid stretching the first and the last 2 inches of the tape’s ends. This ensures a secure bond with the skin, creating a solid anchor point without losing adhesion or pulling on the skin.

For the most effective CannaTape Sport tape tension, stretch to the desired application area and then release 20% of the tension of the tape before adhering the tape to the skin. This ensures the tape will provide proper bond and tension during all positions of movement.

To create a well-bonded stretch, use your thumb and/or index finger to apply pressure evenly across the length of each applied strip of tape, sliding upward along the tape.


Shoulder Application Step 1 CannaTape Sport

From a seated or standing position slightly stretch the arm forward at a 20-degree angle. Anchor a single strip of CannaTape Sport tape over the shoulder, above the deltoid near the collar bone. Wrap the tape downward around the lateral (outside) side of the shoulder in a slight curve ending in the center of the outside area of the arm. Avoid stretching the first and the last 2 inches of the tape’s end (especially around the delicate skin around the neck and collar bone). This ensures a secure bond with the skin, creating a solid anchor point without losing adhesion or pulling on the skin.


Shoulder Application Step 2 CannaTape Sport

Pull the arm back so the elbow is slightly behind the ribcage to apply the second front strip. The ends of the tape will overlap at the top and bottom of the shoulder, leaving the outer shoulder muscle open to the air. Anchor the second single strip of tape over the shoulder, above the deltoid. Wrap the tape downward around the front of the shoulder in a slight curve ending in the center of the outside area of the arm.


Shoulder Application Step 3 CannaTape Sport

Once the first two tape applications are secure to the skin, apply a third strip over the shoulder and over the two previously applied strips. Remember to anchor the first 2 inches then stretch the tape and release 20% as you press the tape down around the knee. Release all tension in the last two inches. In some applications, you can cut the tape short to match the circumference of the shoulder. Follow by rubbing the tape-warming adhesive for a secure bond, especially at corners.

Because our adhesive is heat-activated, for an even and firm adhesion, rub tape vigorously on the skin for 10-15 seconds with your fingers or palm. In some cases, applying targeted air using a warm (not hot) setting from a hairdryer can prove effective for creating additional warmth.

Once applied, the CannaTape Sport tape can remain in place and continue to be effective for up to 3 - 4 days before you need to replace it. If the corners lose bond from the skin, simply trim the loose tape with scissors and rub the remaining tape back onto the skin.

For some hard-to-reach areas of the body (like the back or shoulder), working with a partner to apply tape will ensure a more effective application.

Note: CannaTape Sport has a formula including Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil that aids in skin health, so prolonged use is easy on the skin.

For information about safe and pain-free removal, please refer to our Pro Tips removal page. 

Follow these instructions and you are well on your way to knee pain relief and healing.

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Written by Sean Malloy

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