Why Athletes Add CannaTape Sport CBD to Pre-Workout Routines

Every athlete is looking for that competitive edge—a way to recover faster and more safely, allowing them to maintain their high-level training regimes. Whether they're hitting the gym, logging miles, or training intensely every day, the need for efficient recovery is critical. However, intense workouts like leg days or hill sprints can challenge an athlete's motivation to keep pushing hard. That's where CannaTape Sport comes in. Our CBD-infused kinesiology tape is specifically designed for deep tissue recovery, enabling you to perform at your highest level every day.

As more people turn to natural wellness solutions, the use of cannabidiol (CBD) products is on the rise. Athletes, in particular, are exploring CBD for its potential benefits in gaining an athletic advantage. CBD offers numerous positives for mental and physical health, including restoring calmness, improving sleep, and, most importantly for this article, aiding in pain relief and faster muscle recovery.

Recent research highlights the potential benefits of CBD for pain and muscle recovery after exercise. Before we dig into the evidence supporting CBD and recovery, let’s briefly discuss what happens to your body post-workout.

Why is post-workout recovery so painful?

We’ve all felt the post-workout aches and often accept it with the mantra “no pain, no gain.” But what many might not know is that this discomfort has a medical name: delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, DOMS can affect you. Here’s why it happens.

When we push our muscles harder, for longer durations, or in new ways, it causes microscopic damage to the proteins that make up individual muscle fibers. As our bodies work to repair these damaged muscles, we feel pain and stiffness due to inflammation created by the immune system. This pain, often referred to as muscle fatigue, typically begins the day after a workout and can persist for up to five days.

While it's uncomfortable, muscle soreness after a workout is a sign that your muscles are adapting and becoming stronger. Over time, with continued exercise, your muscles will become more resistant to fatigue, resulting in less DOMS.

The challenge arises when we don’t want or can’t afford to 'wait out' the pain, postpone our next workout, or, for professional athletes, delay a game. Continuing to push through the pain can be tough, and for many, this can become a significant barrier to reaching their full physical potential.

CBD for muscle recovery

A clinical trial on CBD cream examined 52 participants in a controlled environment. For 14 days, they were asked to work out at least three times a week and use the CBD cream afterward. In two different studies, CBD was shown to be an effective treatment for post-workout muscle stiffness and tension. Moreover, it was proven to improve the rate of muscle recovery compared to no intervention at all.

These trials mark the beginning of research on how CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits can aid people who regularly work out or play sports. While research into the use of this natural product for muscle recovery is still in its early stages, several professional athletes have already come forward to advocate for its benefits. This gives CannaTape Sport all the confidence to know we are on to something special.

One real-world example that highlights the power of CannaTape Sport is John M. from Ann Arbor, MI. He stated, "…on leg days, I slap a strip or two on each thigh, and the day after, I know I won’t have ‘wobbly legs.’ I’m right back in the gym, less sore and ready to rock.” As an avid cyclist, I can also attest to this. When I know I’m going to push myself during a hill-focused ride and I am going to really push my limits, I apply CannaTape to the major muscle groups that will be getting the most work - my thighs. Like John, I know the next day I won’t be as sore as my fellow riders. I am back out there and ready to log another long ride because my recovery is so much faster, thanks to CannaTape Sport.

How does CannaTape Sport work?

The human body is composed of countless cells that must work together harmoniously. They communicate with each other through electrical charges and chemical substances, which send messages throughout the body. Inflammation relies on chemical messengers traveling through the blood to alert the immune system to respond at the site of damage.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body, which is responsible for producing and interpreting cannabinoids. The ECS, which you can read more about in our recent blog post, is a regulatory network that oversees functions such as pain and muscle fatigue to maintain balance or homeostasis.

By reducing muscle fatigue, we are essentially blocking the ability of cells to communicate with one another. This is where CBD comes in. It works with our body’s ECS to regulate various processes, resulting in an anti-inflammatory effect that also relieves pain.

In addition to the benefits of CBD, we have enhanced our CBD product with numerous natural and beneficial ingredients. White willow bark extract, which contains salicin (a chemical similar to aspirin), aids in pain relief and speeds up recovery. MSM and DMSO not only reduce inflammation and decrease pain but also enhance the absorption of our ingredients, making it a true transdermal solution. Menthol and peppermint essential oil provide a cooling sensation and a refreshing scent. Additionally, vitamin E and tea tree essential oil offer powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties for skin health.

All these ingredients combined lead us to believe that we have created something truly special—an all-natural, powerful tool in the arsenal of athletic health that boosts performance and supports our athletes.

How to apply CannaTape for the best results when preparing for a big workout

As we know, the biggest gains don’t come from a bottle or miracle elixir, but from hard work and the hours you put in day after day. If you are sore, you won’t be able to stack workouts back-to-back without taking recovery days—and for good reason—your body needs to recover. But imagine something that could shorten that recovery time. That is one of the major reasons we designed and developed CannaTape Sport.

Application is super easy, and you know it works because you can see it, feel it, and even smell it. Forget about sticky roll-ons that disappear or rub off. When you apply CannaTape, you know it’s working, and you can forget about it and focus on the important part of your fitness routine.

Step One: Evaluate which muscle group you will be using or focusing on for your upcoming workout.
Step Two: A few hours before your workout, apply a few strips of CannaTape with minimal stretch, enough to cover the core muscle group. Apply the tape in the direction of the natural path of the muscle tissue. Then, rub the tape to warm the adhesive, ensuring a good bond with your skin.
Step Three: Leave the tape in place for the duration of your workout. The tape can remain in place, providing natural benefits and aiding recovery for 15-20 hours afterward.

It’s just that easy, and take it from us or any of our athletes, it completely revolutionizes recovery and provides the added boost you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Be a part of something bigger and know... we’ve got your back

Achieving your fitness goals can be a lifelong endeavor, but there are inherent obstacles to overcome. Time and recovery go hand-in-hand, and staying on top of schedules and recovery can be a challenge. Don’t let these challenges get in the way—you shouldn’t feel that you need to plan your life around the dreaded "big workout day." With CannaTape Sport, you can stick to your schedule because we all know there are enough other things that can slow you down or keep you from achieving your goals. Don’t let soreness be one of them!

For even more tips and instructions, please visit our Pro-Tips page for detailed insights on enhancing the effectiveness of CannaTape Sport kinesiology tape.

Now that we've delved into the remarkable benefits of how Kinesiology tape works and the incredible advantages it offers, it's evident why our founders envisioned the potent combination of their inflammation-fighting formula and kinesiology tape. We're confident that you agree on why we dub it the perfect workout companion.

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Written by Sean Malloy

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