Proper Hydration Is Critical To Performance

The human body is approximately 70% water and rather than reaching for a high calorie sports drink... An all-natural solution for replacing electrolytes is Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

All salt is not created equal Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is rich in 83 unique trace minerals.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt helps in water transportation to your cels, so that your body can use it most effectively. Putting just a pinch of this mineral rich salt in your water can help transport the water to your cels, where you need it to support the healthy function of you body.

Drink a "morning water" first thing
Sip throughout the day – Don't gulp
Be consistent
Hydrate – Even on cooler days
Limit caffeinated beverages
...and when you can, avoid single-use bottles.
Reusable bottles are better for the environment.
Written by Sean Malloy

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